BoumanFruit performs daily checks for checking the quality and the safety of the fruit to guarantee the quality. The quality system does stand surety for productsafety, that's why all our logistic partners have been certified or we have a long history with them, they know all the rules of the HACCP and have signed an supplier's declaration.

Because our suppliers cultivate by the Global/EurepGAP standard we are always able to trace the goods. 


The EurepGAP (also know as 'Good Agricultural Products') does have multiple guidelines which have been set up by multiple European supermarkets, de guidelines are:


  • Minalize the environmental pollution.
  • Reducing the use op plant protection products.
  • Making efficient use of natural resources.
  • properly handling the health, well-being and safety of staff
  • preservation and improvement of flora and fauna in the neighbourhood


Thanks to the standards, Boumanfruit's customers can count on products with the perfect quality they have come to expect from us every day of the year!