Boumanfruit is a Dutch family business, started in 1940, the company has begun as a Wholesale, but since 2015 they have been moved closer to the source. At the moment is Boumanfruit focused at the import and export of fruit. Boumanfruit supplies companies inside and outside the Netherlands like importers, exporters, wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers and is especially skilled in supplying processing companies like juice factories. From there all the fruit will be supplied to the customers. At our company you will see a full assortment with fruits from all over the world, our passion is especially citrusfruit.

Our warehouse


The company Boumanfruit is settled in 's-Hertogenbosch. At the side which is meant to load and unload are 5 docks. Because of the 5 docks, it's almost always possible to park the truck. In our warehouse are multiple forklift drivers, this ensures efficient handling of the logistics process. Since 1940 we are active at the sale of fruit, we do love to do that, that's why we're still innovating the quality and safety of our products. That's why we will only  transfer the goods with logistic partners if they have a BRC- and IFS-certificates.


We do like to help with a personalized approach and we will do that with our passion for fruit. That's our foundation of the company.